Wednesday, 18 Mar, 2009 Technology

Eco-friendly Scooter that Transforms into a Two-seat Electric Vehicle


The Movito represents an environmentally safe electric scooter. It is worth mentioning that lately the Movito received the highest appreciation in Create the Future Design Contest, launched by NASA.

The scooter's original design is credited to Tai Chiem. The Movito runs on a carbon-cutting in-wheel electric motor, which can be found inside a modular base that can be removed in order to form a two-seat electric car.

The scooter is made from two modular parts, including an upper chassis and a base that generates the driving force with the help of an electric motor and rechargeable batteries. The Movito's chassis is rather slim, well sculpted, and very lightweight, which was achieved thanks to an in-wheel motor.

Due to the fact that the Movito's propulsion system is developed as a self-contained unit, two of the scooter's bases can be removed and aligned in parallel in order to make a two-seat electric car, informs the official website of Create the Future Design Contest.

The Movito is a scooter designed for dense urban landscape. It features a GPS system with a touch-screen interface and storage for a helmet. It has a futuristic design and two-toned colors that could be rather appealing to youth.

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