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Eco-Friendly Hotel Mounts Bicycle-Powered TV in One of the Rooms


Cottage Lodge managed to mount a bicycle-powered television in one of the hotel rooms in Brockenhurst, a village located in the New Forest, Hampshire, England.

Guests have the possibility to pedal away to produce power required to power the LCD TV found in their room.

The whole construction in not that complicated. It features a bike that the user has to pedal in order to spin a generator that produces power. The latter is gathered in a battery that is connected to the TV.

In order to spinning the generator at a higher speed, it was decided to use 26-inch wheels on the bike instead of 20-inch wheels.

According to B&B owner, Christina Simons, guests gave positive response to the idea. Those who are still not into exercising, have the possibility to choose a GBP129 ($207) per night room where they can use electricity produced by photovoltaic cells mounted on the roof.

[via The Telegraph]

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