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EcoXPower - Device that Charges Gadgets on Your Bicycles and Powers Its Lights


EcoXGear recently unveiled its latest creation called EcoXPower, a bicycle that makes use of kinetic energy, generated during pedaling, to convert it into electricity and thus charge portable devices such as smartphones.

Apart from other similar innovations, the EcoXPower not only charges portable gadgets but also provides power to front and rear LED light simultaneously. The light can be controlled using a wired on/off remote switch found on the bicycle's handlebars. After you stop pedaling, the 700 mAh lithium-ion battery will still have enough energy to power the lights for another 1.5 hours.

The bike features two main parts: a special case for nearly all types of smartphones, GPS and MP3 players and the main unit. The former is mounted at the front of the bicycle to a handlebar. The case is also touchscreen-compatible and water-resistant. The main unit is attached to the front wheel hub.

It would be interesting to note that the unit represents a dynamo apparatus that makes use of a clutch to employ the moving spokes of the bike's wheels and then turn kinetic power into electricity.

[via EcoXGear]

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