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Efficient Industrial Chillers that Meet Specific Customer Needs


Those who want to get answers on heat removal should ask Thermal Care, one of the leaders on the market of industrial chillers, which the company manufactures for various industries.

The large list of Thermal Care's products features: temperature controllers, portable chillers, cooling towers and plant circulating systems that help get rid of the heat which accumulates as a result of various industrial processes. Such a rich gamma of process cooling equipment allows the company's clientele to choose the most suitable cooling system.

Thermal Care boasts a large variety of portable chillers. It has air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers and remote condenser portable chillers that do not require expensive upgrades. All of them represent nonferrous constructions that feature a built-in microprocessor for temperature regulation. The chillers take advantage of a number of innovative features that allow them to register high performance.

The specially designed spacious interior allows engineers to carry out detailed diagnostics of the chillers. The company's clients will benefit from a large variety of process cooling solutions that rang from ready-made chillers to integrated, customized systems. After the customer acquires one or several products that Thermal Care provides, the company gives detailed information on everything the client needs to know on equipment maintenance and provides answers regarding service questions.

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