Wednesday, 21 Mar, 2012 Technology

Electric Concept Bike Pays Tribute to Famous Spanish 1970s Racing Bike


A mix of an old motorcycle and eco-friendliness is what this nice-looking 1970s cafe racer is all about.

Dubbed the Monocasso Concept Bike, the vehicle pays tribute to the original OSSA Monocasso, an exclusive monocoque-style racer that brought fame to the Spanish racer Santiago Herrero back in the 1970s.

The body and chassis of the motorcycle are made from a single unit. It is worth mentioning that the 250cc bike ridden by Herrero became a winner thanks to the fact that it was lighter, it had a rigid frame, and it was more maneuverable.

Unfortunately the famous Spanish races passed away as a result of a crash that took place in the 1970 Isle of Mann TT. In order to bring the spirit of his passion for racing ART-TIC created a modern version of the bike.

Beautifully designed and compact, the bike was also equipped with an electric motor, which made it even more precious.

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