Monday, 27 Dec, 2010 Technology

Elliptic Lab Creates iPad Dock that Allows You to Control the iPad Without Touch


Researchers at Elliptic Labs thought that it would be great to combine the iPad and a gesture-recognizing technology, similar to the one used by Microsoft Kinect controller.

In 2011 at the Consumer Electronics Show aka CES 2011, which will take place in Las Vegas, the company will presents its gesture recognition on the iPad.

Elliptic Labs named its invention Touchless Gesture User Interface. This technology will allow users to control the iPad without touching the screen, using only gestures of the hand.

To be able to control the iPad with gestures, the company developed an iPad dock that with the help of an application and ultrasound produces a touchless area a foot in front and the sides of the iPad, reports NultofMac.

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