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Energy Field - Giant LED Installation Resembles an Overgrown Field of Rice


The beautiful pavilion at Expo 2012, which takes place in Yeosu, South Korea, is enriched with LED lights and was created by two German companies Atelier Bruckner and Tamschick Media+Space.

Dubbed Energy Field, the giant LED light installation resembles an overgrown field of rice and is part of the pavilion designed for GS Caltex, a Korean oil company. The goal of the installation is to show the firm's transition to clean energy technology.

The Energy Field consists of 380 blades, each being 59 feet tall. It would be interesting to note that the blades are made of artificial bamboo fiber. They also sway in the wind, resembling living plants.

In addition, the reeds respond to their surroundings just like living plants. The bamboo is also activated by touch, and when you walk through the pavilion, the bamboos give out waves and flashes of light.

Inside the Energy Field, there's a star-shaped, mirrored pavilion that reflects the LEDs around it. The sparkling and dancing lighting display looks like an elaborate fountain. Various settings are used to replicate changing weather patterns.

The Energy Field is billed as the world's largest walkable 3D matrix display.

Atelier Brückner

Tamschick Media+Space

[via The Creators Project]

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