Thursday, 18 Feb, 2010 Technology

Engineers Use Tiny Helicopters to Make Moving 3D Display


Engineers at MIT's SENSEable City Laboratory decided to develop Flywire made of micro helicopters. They used a large number of very small helicopters and equipped them with multicolored and controllable LEDs.

All the tiny helicopters can respond to each other in a group, each serving as a self-organized pixel in a moving 3D screen.

Currently it is unknown whether specialists from MIT and ARES Lab (Aerospace Robotics and Embedded Systems Laboratory) managed to get their invention to work properly. But if they want to be successful, the tiny helicopters should show extreme precision.

The most difficult part is to control thousands of small machines in the air, while making them work in sync so they could show a clear picture on the flying 3D display, which can be ruined with just a small breeze.

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