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Eton Boost Turbine Charger - Crank the Handle to Charge Your Smartphone


To use the Eton Boost Turbine Charger you only have to crank its handle and the internal battery will start charging and the collected power can ultimately be used to recharge a smartphone via USB.

By cranking the handle for 1 minute you will be able to obtain 30 seconds of cell call time. This device is ideal for travelers that visit remote regions that lack electrical grids.

At the same time the device can also be charged the old way via AC. It is expected to hit the stores on October 1. The price tag for the 2000 mAh version is $59.99, which is enough to fully charge a smartphone. For $49.99 you will be able to get a 1000 mAh model that will allow you to charge an iPhone somewhat more than half way.

[via Dvice]

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