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European Union Invests $6.2 Million in Flying Cars


The European Union decided to invest $6.2 million into the research and development of a new mean of transportation called Personal Aerial Vehicles (or simply PAV).

The new project is entitled "myCopter" and according to authorities the vehicle will be able to solve numerous issues linked with non-commercial air-travel.

The PAVs will be able to fly below the altitude of commercial airlines so they would not interrupt flight paths.

However, there are still some problems in the project that need to be solved. These refer to the way of coordinating ground control, security legislation, traffic laws and some other legal and political issues.

One of the solutions that EU proposes refers to the creation of "no fly zones". Thus the PAVs will be equipped with special software that will ensure that the driver does not cross these zones. This means that the automatic system onboard these vehicles will simply not permit the direction of the vehicle towards the "no fly zones".

In addition, the project aims at considerably reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Due to the fact that the flights are planned to be direct and uninterrupted, trips will take less time and thus be more effective.

According to MyCopter researchers, the time required for a trip using a PAV will be last not longer than 62 miles in length. Besides, because inside there's room for only 2 passengers, in the future these vehicles could be equipped with electric motors.

[via MyCoper]

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