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Eyewear that Helps You Watch Videos on iPhone as if You Have a 45-inch Monitor


The Jena-based manufacturer of optical systems, industrial measurements and medical devices, Carl Zeiss, managed to develop video eyewear, which, according to the German company, will make television, movies and 3D video on an iPhone look as though they are on a monitor in a multiplex.

Carl Zeiss' new device is called Cinemizer Plus. It will hit the stores this May. The Cinemizer Plus generates a more cinematic experience of a video that is played back on an iPhone or iPod with the help of a special headset.

The user watches a video that looks as if it is shown on a 45-inch screen situated 6 feet away. The device mixes LCD displays and individual diopter focus adjustment. This means that a user wearing Carl Zeiss glasses has the possibility to focus the images on the screen in order to make them sharper.

The company's new gadget features a built-in battery, which means that the video eyeware will not consume energy from the iPhone or iPod. The built-in-battery can last up to 4 hours. For more information check out the company's official website .

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