Monday, 24 Nov, 2008 Technology

Facebook Presented Video Showing Global Interactions of Its Users


Facebook launched a video that illustrates how the web has integrated global communications into everyday life. The website's new software, entitled Project Palantir, was developed by the team which includes: Jack Lindamood, Kevin Der and Dan Weatherford.

It shows a 3D globe where users of Facebook interact with each other. Messages that are sent from one user to another are represented in form of comets that fly between different cities and countries.

In addition, the video shows on the globe status updates in form of white dots that rise from the place where the user is located at the moment.

It is worth mentioning that the software program was created at the latest Facebook Hackathon event, which took place in October. "Hackathons" represent joint events in which different programmers gather to analyze and implement new ideas.

Facebook will most likely make the program official. Currently, however, the application is a demo.

Among other ideas proposed by the website's users in the lead-up to Facebook Hackathon XI include a video chat, support for MS Office documents and change of the design of profile pages.

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