Monday, 01 Sep, 2008 Technology

Facebook Users Can Damage an Innocent Website Without Knowing About It


A new study, performed by the researchers at the Foundation for Research and Technology, located in Heraklion, Greece, has revealed that users of such social networking sites as Facebook can be tricked into attacking other websites without even knowing.

Researchers developed a program called FaceBot and used it to for their study. According to the New Scientist magazine, the application was used to show a striking photo to different users each day.

Each time someone accessed the program, it automatically downloaded four other images from a specific site, owned by the team. The website showed the images in hidden frames invisible to the user.

Researchers discovered that at the peak of the application's popularity, over 1,000 of its users significantly contributed to the increase of data transfer from the test site, damaging its web server.

The findings will be presented at the Information Security Conference in Taipei, Taiwan, in October.


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