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Fastest High-Speed Train on the Planet Recently Presented in China


Recently China launched the fastest high-speed rain in the world. With an average speed of 217mph (350km/h), the train aims at connecting Wuhan, located in central China and Guangzhou in the south. It will cover a distance of 663 miles (1,068 km) and will be able to reduce the travel time between the two destination points by more than 3 hours (from 6 to 2h 45min).

While traveling from one point to another, the high-speed train will pass 20 cities and will link the most developed regions in the country will the less industrialized ones, reports The Times of India. The train is the result of collaboration between Siemens, Bombardier and Alstom.

It would be interesting to note that during trial runs the high-speed train was able to reach an impressive speed of 245mph (394km/h).

Not so long ago China came up with a huge rail development program, which involves the expansion of the high-speed rail service to over 42 lines by 2012. The program is expected to considerably improve the country's economy and help industrialize less developed regions.

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