Wednesday, 29 Jul, 2009 Technology

Finally, Microsoft and Yahoo Merger


Finally Microsoft and Yahoo decided to seal their search engine merger to be able to oppose the Google's dominance in the field. Today the companies will announce about their deal. It is possible that the two companies will share their revenue from adverts posted on their websites. Yahoo will keep running its search engine, but the searches will be powered by the search engine of the software giant. According to one of the sources, Yahoo's engine could include the "powered by Bing" message of search results.

Microsoft will use its technology to bring proper adverts alongside search results and Yahoo is going to control sales and customer service. It is worth mentioning that Microsoft previously made several bids for Yahoo in order to improve its position on the search engine market. The software giant looks forward to take advantage of the Yahoo search engine, which is currently second after Google with 8 percent of the global audience, to rival Google which according to recent data has about 67 percent share of the market.

Although Microsoft spent billions of dollars to improve its search engine, at the moment it holds only 3 percent share of the market. But the Yahoo-Microsoft deal could lead to monopoly investigation. The deal is possibly the response to Google's announcement regarding the development of a free operating system, Chrome OS, which could push aside Microsoft's Windows franchise.

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