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FireText Smoke Alarm Sends a Text Message to 4 Cell Phones In the Event of a Fire


One of the best ways to alert about a fire in your house is a smoke alarm. Bu there could be a problem when you're not at home and you can't really rely on neighbors. This is where the next latest invention comes into play.

Dubbed the FireText Smoke Alarm, the system will alert you about a smoke in your house by sending a text message to your cell phone. In fact the system is able to send the alert message to 4 cell phones simultaneously in case it detects smoke with its photoelectric smoke detector.

Developed by ELS Limited, the battery-powered FireText Smoke Alarm has a SIM card slot. Obviously the device can work as a traditional smoke alarm, activating an 85db alarm in the event of a fire.

The alarm is powered by a 9V lithium battery that allows the device to least start at least 36 continuous activations. If there're no activations, the battery can hold for more than 5 years, reports Chip Chic.

Users that will test the device every week should replace the battery every 3 to 6 months.

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