Monday, 28 Feb, 2011 Technology

Fish Equipped with Mini-Thermometers Offers Researchers Important Data


Due to the fact that the best way of studying wild animals is to attach small data-logging sensors right to them, researchers from 9 European research institutions decided to equip cod fish with mini-thermometers in order to see how they will be able to adapt to continuously increasing ocean temperatures.

It is worth mentioning that cod are considered to be cold water fish, which means that they are quite vulnerable to warming waters.

The project is entitled Codyssey and the researchers that were part of it had the goal of finding out the exact temperatures that cod can tolerate.

In the period between 2002 and 2005, scientists attached mini-thermometers to 3,000 of the fish from 8 different North Atlantic stocks. Each hour during the year, the small devices estimated and stored information on the water temperature surrounding each fish.

The final results showed that fish was able to resist temperatures as low as -1.5C (29F) and as high as 21C (70F). Such figures surprised scientists, who concluded that different cod stocks are probably used to different temperatures.

In addition, scientists discovered that fish sought out water the temperature of which ranged between 1 and 8C (34 and 46F), which means that eggs and larvae need low temperatures.

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