Wednesday, 31 Oct, 2007 Technology

Flash Memory Will Soon Become Obsolete


Researchers developed a new type of memory that soon will replace the flash memory.

A study at Arizona State University lead to a development of an advanced technique of storing memory. This method, called PMC (programmable metallization cell), will increase the physical limits of storage technology by 1,000 times in comparison with flash memory used nowadays. This means that memory of digital cameras, MP3 players and laptops could be considerably expanded.

The college's Center for Applied Nanoionics (CANi), where the new technique was introduced, challenged the physical limits of storage, using the new technique of nanoionics. This methodology uses the existent materials but mix them in a different way.

In comparison with technique traditionally used for storage, when electrodes were moving between ions, in a new method nanoionics move the ions themselves, which enables to switch the resistance of electrodes from high to low.

The new technology is expected to be used in commercial products in about 18 months. Such companies as Micron Technology, Samsung, Sony and IBM are already interested in using this technology.

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