Thursday, 29 Apr, 2010 Technology

Flexible Gaming Screen for Mobile Devices


Those who attended the Computer-Human Interaction conference, which took place in Atlanta, were able to witness the presentation on a bendable projection screen system, developed by Human Media Lab.

Dubbed Cobra, the system was created for mobile gaming, featuring shoulder pouch that includes a small computer and projector.

The system also features a small screen with built-in flex-sensing wires and several other sensors. The pictures in the game are shown on the screen, which resembles an ordinary sheet of paper.

With the help of the mounted sensors, the system sends signals to the computer on the user's shoulder each time the gamer shakes or bends the screen. For instance, if the user holds the corner of the device, bends it back and then releases it, he/she can shoot a virtual arrow or swing a virtual golf club.

At the same time, Michael Fahey of Kotaku mentioned that gamers will most likely face certain difficulties while playing with this bendable projection screen system, like, for example, having to hold the device at a constant position.

Nevertheless the system has potential, which could help make a step forward towards a revolution in the gaming industry.

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