Thursday, 20 Jan, 2011 Technology

Flip Smartphone - Handset with 3 Flexible Screens


The new tripartite smartphone concept from Kristian Ulrich Larsen is to set a new level in design.

Dubbed Flip, the handset design breaks all possible stereotypes. Using its 3 super AMOLED displays, the device is able to turn into a futuristic electric clock and slimmer versions.

All of the phones' 3 sides have been accurately binded with steel mesh links in order to improve it’s the bonding strength.

Another impressive feature is the Guerilla glass screen that is so tough it is able to resist heavy objects that are placed on it.

The Flip smartphone can be turned into an electronic book, laptop and even a nice flower vase (if folded accordingly).

If the user places the device in a triangular form, Flip can be used for hands-free video chat, reports Wired.

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