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Flood Harnessing Housing - Using River Current to Produce Power


This concept was among several entries for the 2009 Next Generation Design Competition launched by Metropolis Magazine 2009. It was designed by GRO Architects, who had the idea of developing a modular docking station that features turbines that accumulate energy.

Initially GRO Architects designed floating walkway that would extend from piers and take advantage of the river current in order to spin their huge turbines to generate power. An interesting fact is that the turbines would work silently and users will be able to walk along the walkways which were developed to offer public spaces and even residences. Designers then decided to upgrade their project and the final variant is the flood harvesting house you can see in the pictures.

In the upgraded version the walkways look more like enclosed passageways within swirling turbine, plus a more technical look was provided to the central connecting modules which are used as green spaces where trees grow.

In the video below you will closely look at the project and understand the way it works.

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