Monday, 12 Jan, 2009 Technology

Ex-NASA Engineers Created a Flying Car


Former NASA engineers managed to create a flying car, which is expected to be tested in February. The name of the invention is Terrafugia Transition. It has the ability to transform from a two-seater vehicle into a plane in just 15 seconds.

In case the flight test goes as planned, the developers hope the car will hit showrooms in the middle of 2010. According to the car's creators, Terrafugia Transition is quite easy to maintain and run due to the fact that it uses normal unleaded fuel and its size allows the vehicle to fit in a garage, reports Times Online.

According to Carl Dietrich, who runs the Massachusetts-based Terrafugia, the invention represents world's first integrated design in which the wings fold up automatically and where all component parts are stored in one car.

A 100 bhp engine is the one to power Terrafugia Transition both in the air and one the ground. In addition, developers state that a single tank of gas is enough to help the vehicle fly up to 500 miles at a speed of 115mph. However, till now the vehicle has only been tested on the ground and at a speed of 90mph.

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