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Flying Five-Star Hotel that Harnesses Solar Power


Thomas Rodemeier, who works as an industrial designer, had the idea of creating a five-star hotel that would flow up in the sky, which is why he came up with this futuristic concept called the Airship Traveling.

The design of the concept has a closed loop system in the form of an airship. In such a way comfort and flexibility is ensured.

It would be interesting to note that the Airship Traveling can not only stay in the air, but also serve as a hotel on the ground.

When the airship is landing, it deploys an anchor-foot that remains secured on the ground (see the images after the break). At the same time the airship stays in the air using helium. In this situation the airship automatically turns around the pivot towards a more favorable wind direction.

If the airship is to stay on the group for a longer period of time, the helium is substituted by oxygen. It is also possible to increase the living-space and the floor area inside the airship.

A series of solar panels installed on the ship's roof allows harnessing solar energy to power the hotel. More images are available here.

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