Wednesday, 04 Jan, 2012 Technology

Flying Machines Erect a 6-Meter-High Tower


A video has been recently launched by representatives of the FRAC Centre in Orléans, France. They wanted to show their robot swarm that was presented at an exhibition.

During the presentation of a live installation dubbed "Flight Assembled Architecture," a fleet of quadrocopters constructed a 6-meter-high tower using 1,500 prefabricated polystyrene foam modules.

Each flying robot is equipped with custom electronics and sensors that allow them to accurately move autonomously through the air.

Thanks to the management technology, the small machines are able to avoid collisions. In addition, this technology is also used to carry out automated routine take-offs, landings and vehicle calibration and charging.

It is worth mentioning that the exhibition was initiated by Swiss architect Gramazio & Kohler and Italian robot designer Raffaello D'Andrea.

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