Thursday, 16 Dec, 2010 Technology

French Researchers Create Advanced Humanoid Robot Dubbed Romeo


Nowadays only a few countries can boast advanced humanoid robots that were developed by local researchers. The small group of countries has been recently complemented by France.

French scientists and engineers presented their first humanoid robot called Romeo. The machine was developed with the goal of helping the elderly and disabled.

Officially the robot will be presented in March 2011. It would be interesting to note that the robot is 1.4-meters tall and weights 40 kilograms. It will be able to walk around the house, performing different household chores such as bringing food from the kitchen and taking out garbage, reports IEEE Spectrum.

It was stated that Romeo will cost 250,000 Euros. The user will be able to communicate with the machine that will use natural speech and gestures. Romeo will also be equipped with "four-vertebra backbone, articulated feet, a partially soft torso, a composite leg exoskeleton, and an actuator that'll let the bot control its limbs in a safer way."

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