Thursday, 18 Mar, 2010 Technology

Fresh Code - Smart Barcode That Shows Product's Freshness


People who often visit supermarkets are aware of the fact that some of the fruits and vegetables stacked on the shelves are not always fresh. Searching for fresh products can be time-consuming; plus not everyone knows the features that can tell whether a fruit or vegetable is fresh.

To help solve the issue, a team of designers, including Sisi Yuan, Yiwu Qiu, Lei Zhao, Qiulei Huang, Lijun Zhang and Weihang Shu, decided to design an intelligent barcode entitled Fresh Code, which shows the level of freshness.

The smart code is attached to, say, a veggie, and as time passes by, the freshness level of the respective product lowers and the barcode keeps receding. When the Fresh Code is blank, the buyer can be sure that the product is not fresh and that staff should throw it away.

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