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Frozen Lake Baikal Used to Make the Largest Artwork in the World


Known as the author of several amazing and expansive works, Jim Denevan also created the world's largest artwork.

The latest work from Denevan expands over a territory of 9 square miles and is located in Siberia.

The world's largest artwork was made on the world's largest lake, Baikal, namely on the ice covering the lake during winter.

It is worth mentioning that Denevan was helped by a group of people that includes a documentary filmmaker and a photographer. These people decided to walk in circles for art and managed to help the artist create the wonderful work.

Before starting the artwork, the members of the team decided to document themselves. They lived in a yurt that was built on the center of Baikal and built a fire every night.

Despite the fact that the marvelous artwork melted somewhere in May, everything the team made during the trip was chronicled and can be view here.

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