Monday, 20 Jul, 2009 Technology

Fujitsu Set to Create World's Fastest Supercomputer in Japan


A project launched by the Japanese government to create the next generation supercomputer saw Fujitsu Ltd. as the winner, after NEC Corp. and Hitachi Ltd. decided to leave the competition, despite their earlier attempts to participate in the project together with Fujitsu.

The supercomputer is expected to become the world's fastest, being able to achieve a performance of 10 petaflops. The supercomputer create by Fujitsu will be installed at the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, known in Japan as RIKEN. This administrative institution hopes to use Fujitsu's scalar processing architecture for the next-generation supercomputer. You can read more about computers and supercomputers here at; please consider clicking the links found at the bottom of the story.

According to the plan, Fujitsu and RIKEN, will finish the creation of the supercomputer at a facility located in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture. The computer is expected to be completed by fiscal 2012, which will end in March 2013, being a part of the $1.22 billion project, reports Kyodo news agency.

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