Tuesday, 22 May, 2012 Technology

Fujitsu Unveils Skin Care Smartphone Application


Researchers at Fujitsu Laboratories managed to come up with a system that measures the user's skin color with the help of a smartphone camera and Color Frame.

With this invention users can easily measure the spots, dullness and pore size on their skin. Although skin look changes depending on the lighting conditions, Color Frame is able fix that.

The user can take photos of their skin using the outer camera. When you have 4 images of your skin taken, simply push the Analyze button. The application will provide the results as scores. In addition, you can observe the analyzed images.

The images taken beside the nose and cheek are analyzed to detect pores. The latter are shown as a binary image. All data is gathered in the history, thus the user can compare previous results with current ones.

Fujitsu is expected to start the service this year. So far the application is developed for Japanese women only, but the company could extend it to other users, by gathering skin information from men and women with different racial characteristics.

[via DigInfo]

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