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Future Self - LED Structure That Mirrors Body Movements Nearby


A team composed of a media artist, choreographer, and composer managed to come up with a very original invention. They created a network of LEDs that mirrors the motions of people located nearby.

The project was commissioned by Made, a gallery and art studio based in Berlin, Germany. The goal of this interdisciplinary workspace is to gather talented people from various professions to make art.

Recently Made gathered people at its Alexanderplatz headquarters to demonstrate a "living sculpture" dubbed Future Self and created by choreographer Wayne McGregor, media art collective rAndom International, and Max Richter, a famous composer.

When the lights softly turned off, two dancers started moving around a dense lattice of LEDs that hanged from the ceiling. While they danced, several 3D cameras captured their motions, and thousands of lights from the system lit up to mimic the dancers' movements.

Researchers at London-based rAndom worked months to develop a script that would allow 3D cameras to capture movements of people near the lattice and imitate them in the series of LEDs.

To test what the invention is actually capable of, McGregor collaborated with Richter and two professional dancers. The final step involved the team flying to Berlin in April and accomplishing their scenario which you can see in the video.

It is worth mentioning that people will be able to view Future Self at Made until June 3.

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