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Futuristic Heliport Concept for VIP Travelers


The international design consultancy Design Q recently presented the project of a new-generation heliport that has great chances of becoming the cornerstone of VIP travel in the Middle East.

The pictures of the new heliport were unveiled by Flight Daily News, being shown at the Dubai air show. All facilities of the construction are fully integrated.

Here's how the heliport functions: before the flight, VIP customers can have their cars parked inside the building. From the vehicle they step right into a personal luxury lounge. After the check-in, the lounge module goes up or down so VIP guests can step out on to the required landing port and into the helicopter.

According to the Design Q director Gary Doy the main idea of the design is to make the transport experience seamless and opulent. Due to the fact that the heliport is modular, the construction can be build up for special events like Formula 1 races and conferences or for permanent settings like Madsar City in Abu Dhabi.

It is worth mentioning that the design of the new heliport is the idea proposed by Doy and Howard Guy, previously senior designers at Jaguar who 12 years ago decided to open Design Q.

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