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Futuristic Structure to Allow Seeing Stars While Lying in Bed


Lovegrove Studios developed a new structure dubbed Apline Capsule. The capsule seems to complement the surroundings and assimilate with the nature. Solar panels installed on the capsule along with a vertical axis wind turbine provide power to the futuristic construction. The Alpine Capsule has a gleaming glass skin, which provides a 360 degree panorama of the landscape.

Moritz Craffonara is the one to inspire Lovegrove Studios to build the capsule. Mr Craffonara lives in the Alpine Dolomites of Italy. His idea was to have a bed right under the stars, which is why he contacted a famous designer to help him accomplish the wish.

The construction represents an eight-meter structure featuring a double-glass skin roofed with a special reflecting coating, which was developed with the goal of showing the capsule's surroundings. In a video posted on the CNN website Lovegrove said: "It's not as synthetic as you think. It doesn't really interfere with nature, it just actually reflects and compliments it. You probably won't even see it."

Most works created by Lovegrove point out the fact that their master tries to pay more attention to sustainability and self-sufficiency. It is expected that the construction of the Alpine Capsule will start in 2010 at Piz la Ila. The structure will be situated at an altitude of 2,100 meters.

Instead of constructing a cabin from wood and stone, which is a conventional alpine style, Lovegrove wants to make a place where people could be warm and feel safe, at the same time having the possibility to adore the unique environment that surrounds them. The designer mentioned that the Alpine Capsule is entirely transparent from the inside so one can really see stars at night.

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