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Futuristic Train System with Transparent Train Cars


Two designers, Elisa Sayuri Freitas Irokawa and Rafael Osmar de Oliveira e Costa decided to look into the future and imagine how transportation would look like in, say, 20 years. They came up with a futuristic train system that allows passengers to look no only to the left and right, but under their feet as well.

It is worth mentioning that the train system features transparent sides that allow people to see everything that surround them while they get to their destination. Both the roof and sides of the train (which runs on electromagnetics) are created using see-through polycarbonate.

The train runs high above city streets. It is attached to towers that can be used to attach stoplights, bus stops and some other media.

The top of each tower includes a wind generator. Each train car features solar power generators and the seats inside are made of Corian, which is quite strong and can be easily cleaned. The system also makes use of OLED panels, touch screen interfaces, Wi-Fi Internet, Bluetooth and information boards, informs Yanko Design.

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