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Futuristic Truck for Safe Transportation of Necessary Supplies


This Aid Necessities Transporter (A.N.T.) was designed by Brian Lee. The vehicle is meant to safely transport food, water, medical equipment and housing items through any type of terrain.

The biggest advantage of the A.N.T. is that it can transport supplies 10 to 50 times its own weight. Being developed for the United Nations, the vehicle features two modes: transport and rapid. When the driver selects the transport mode, the A.N.T. will be able to carry somewhat less cargo compared to conventional trucks, but at a higher speed.

The rapid mode, allows the vehicle to spin its front wheel 90 degrees downward, which gives the transporter the ability to return faster for more supplies. It is worth mentioning that each wheel is powered independently. The vehicle can transport a special housing unit that can easily expand by rotating the side panels.

Within the temporary unit one can find medical supplies, food, and water. It is also equipped with generators that provide clean water and energy. Only one person can use the cabin of the A.N.T.

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