Monday, 16 Jan, 2012 Technology

Fuuvi Unveils Retro-style 8mm Digital Camera


With all the technological improvement nowadays it is rather difficult to find an 8mm film camera. For those who are into vintage things, Fuuvi has launched a digital variant of an 8mm cam dubbed Fuuvi Bee.

The tiny pint-sized device is able to shoot video at 640 x 480 pixels and 30fps. Its onboard battery allows the Bee to capture 100 minutes of video per charge.

Besides, the camera is able to make still photos. The latter however, have a poor quality, being made at a 1.3 resolution.

All content shot on the camera is stored on a microSD/SDHC card and the user has the possibility to upload photos and video to PC or Mac via USB.

Currently the new gadget from Fuuvi is available for $80.

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