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Gadget Advisor - For those Willing to Reach Gadget and Tech Enthusiast Market


It's not easy to be up-to-date with the latest trends in technology. Gadget Advisor is the website that provides information of latest gadgets and tech news. The site presents news and items that are currently the most important, useful and cool. Thus visitors have the opportunity to observe and analyze the most popular gadgets and read top tech news. Gadget Advisor had already hand-picked all the best for gadgets, news, computer software and hardware so visitors won't have to surf through pages with news of little interest.

Despite the fact that Gadget Advisor is a rather new site, it shows a fast growth. Those who have already appreciated the quality of the site's services include businessmen, students, programmers and designers.

The website provides descriptions of different gadgets such as, for example, a universal remote control from Logitech, dubbed Logitech Harmony Advanced Universal Remote Control, which supports over 15 different devices, including satellite or cable box, DVD player, digital media player, TiVo or other PVR, game console, amplifier, stereo, PC and more. We also recommend reading the review on another multifunctional gadget, a network media player, entitled DViCo TViX M-6500A Network Media Player that supports a wide range of formats, including WMV9, WMV-HD, DIVX, XVid, HDV, MKV, H.264, VOB (DVD layouts), ISO, MP3, WMA, FLAC, WavPack, PCM, DTS, and more.

Besides evaluating various high-tech devices, The Gadget Advisor offers technology news, advices on computer software and lots of useful information in articles. One of the latest articles on the website evaluates online backup services, which is definitely worth reading.

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