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Game that Involves Using the Power of Mind Revealed


Recently a popular toy manufacturer presented a new game in which players have to guide a small ball through several obstacles using only the power of their mind. The game is entitled Mind Flex and it comes together with a brain-scanning headset. The latter measures the brainwaves and then transforms them into energy.

The goal of the mind-game is to concentrate hard enough to be able to produce the necessary amount of energy that could power a fan which makes the ball go up and move it through a course of obstacles. The game was developed by Mattel, which is the world's largest toy importing company in terms of revenue. The company's products include Barbie dolls, Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. Mind Flex debuted in the United States.

Experts consider that the mind-game will be among the most discussed toys at the Consumer Electronics Show 2009, held in Las Vegas. It is worth mentioning that the company did not provide any information on how its game would work, but it did inform, however, that Mind Flex would be launched in the United States this year at a price of $80, reports The Telegraph.

It is expected that such games as Mind Flex will be very popular in 2009, due to the fact that the games industry tries to focus more on making gaming more instinctive.

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