Thursday, 24 May, 2012 Technology

German Scientists Use Lasers to Torch Weed


Scientists from the Leibniz University in Hannover decided to replace hazardous herbicides that people normally use to get rid of unwanted weed with a laser system.

The system uses a series of overhead cameras that can recognize good plants and bad ones with the help of complex algorithms.

As soon as the system identifies the bad plants, it uses a powerful CO2 laser to destroy them. It is worth mentioning that plants are identifies based on species and maturity.

Such system is expected to be used in greenhouses where cameras and lasers will move around scanning for weed that needs to be torched.

In the future researchers hope small laser-equipped robots will do the job by flying around in groups over outdoor fields, destroying weeds, small animals, large animals, and generally anything that pose threat to the crops in a specific zone.

[via Leibniz University]

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