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Germany Threatens Google Users' Privacy


Google threatens closing its mail services in Germany, which is one of the most popular in the country. This became possible due to an upcoming German law imposing ISPs to provide the authorities with users' personal information. People at Google said this law is a serious threat to people's privacy.

Google's reaction could not be called unexpected, as the company is a faithful fighter for privacy and became its 'unacknowledged' protector. The company has already had a series of lawsuits against the US Justice Department on this issue.

The current act is prepared as another step in fighting world terrorism, which will, however, impose on Google rejecting the company's credo of keeping their users' information away from anyone, even the Government.

Google representative in Germany, Peter Fleischer said that the reason why Google's services are so popular all over the world is the guarantee of anonymity, protection against spam and a complete freedom of speech. Mr. Fleischer said that once Google's users stop trusting the company, it will fall at once.

If the act will be adopted Google has reserved the right to deactivate Google's mail service in Germany, thus will impose German users to look for other domains, obviously, other than German.

The law suggests that since 2008, when the law is presumably to take effect, Google and all the other ISPs will be obliged to provide the authorities with such private information as browsing history, searches and mailing history for google.de users.

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