Friday, 12 Mar, 2010 Technology

Get Fast Wireless Internet Connection Using LEDs


A team of researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany has come up with a method of encoding a visible-frequency wireless signal that comes from light from desklamps, which would make it possible in the near future to get wirelessly connected to the Internet by simply turning on the light.

It is worth mentioning that visible-frequency wireless functions by flashing the lights in a room so little that our eye cannot see it. It is worth mentioning that incandescent and fluorescent bulbs cannot flicker quickly enough, which is why researchers decided to make use of LED lights.

Despite the fact that LEDs have a limited bandwidth, scientists say they managed to expand it considerably by eliminating all but the blue light, informs ScienceDaily.

The Internet connection speed, achieved by the German research team after using their latest invention, reached 230 megabits per second, which can be compared to high-end radio wireless connections. However, scientists believe they are able to double that speed soon.

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