Friday, 18 Nov, 2011 Technology

Giant Robot Snake Alerts About Climate Change


Several artists and engineers decided to team up in order to build a 35-foot robot snake with the goal of raising the awareness about climate change.

The project is meant to replicate the Titanoboa snake that inhabited Earth about 60 million years ago, being 5-foot long and weighting 1 ton.

"This giant electromechanical reincarnation will roam the earth terrifying and enlightening those who dare to ride the snake along the razor's edge between hope and fear and contemplate the future of our planet," explained the eatART team.

It is worth mentioning that the robot snake can be remotely controlled to move in four directions: concertina - for striking or impulsive motions - lateral undulation and side winding, and the rectilinear movement of a caterpillar.

One can even ride the snake. The metal beast features 30 high strength aluminum vertebrae and a head, and the power is supplied by a scalable lithium polymer battery system.

The robot is equipped with a pair of animated jaws. The team also plans to cover its invention with metallic scales, to make it more appealing.

Below you can watch the video of the robot snake meeting a giant robot spider.

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