Monday, 18 Jun, 2012 Technology

Glossy Shaver that Charges via USB


This nice-looking futuristic shaver was created by ShaveTech. One might think that this is a cell phone but if you take a closer look you'll discover that the head pops off the top, unveiling the shaving foil.

In addition, the USB plug revolves from the base. The device works just like any other electric shaver, but make sure to fully charge it so the blades could reach maximum vibration and thus make the device more efficient.

The foil can be easily removes after shaving and cleaned with the brush. However, it should be noted that the device is not water-resistant.

The company made the shaver available in two colors: black and white. The device also comes with a carrying pouch. It is currently wearing a price tag of $39.00.

[via ShaveTech]

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