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Google collects your web habits


A new service that was introduced by Google company is intended to easier memorize the websites you have browsed.

Web History, makes it possible to have access to the websites that you were surfing for particular purpose and store this data so that your search habits are always at your disposal. This new Google's feature is aimed to make your search experience more individualized. However, the good intentions raised some concerns for privacy advocates who fear that new service threatens individual's privacy. The easier access and web sites storage suggests that user's data can be used for other purposes.

Google assures that individuals who are using Web History service do not risk their privacy as this data won't be shared with the third parties. Besides, the service is optional and anyone has a choice to decide on the use of this service.

In order to make use of Web History, an individual needs Google account and Google Toolbar installed. This means that all the websites you visit will be stored under your account.

You can choose to keep on storing or delete the stored data, though due to the peculiarities of Google's privacy policy, this data will still be saved for auditing.

The most concerns are also connected to the latest Google's joining of the DoubleClick advertising company that implies that your data can become an easy target for advertising purposes.

Service that tracks user's web habits give a cause for concern to other companies, including three US civil right groups, that stand against the innovation and threaten to stop the acquisition of huge advertising company unless Google stops this service.

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