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Google is out testing new old features


The new feature mentioned is the "Note this" button spotted by bloggers, namely at the SeRoundTable (i.e. here ). No one is yet sure about the meaning of this button, and it is actually like the Loch Ness creature: everyone knows about it but no one has yet seen it. Although it is probably almost no one.

It is, however, not really known what it does, and when it appears. Some bloggers said that they didn't see the button even when logged in into Google's services. Actually we could always see the button, when logged in. One more thing that is being discussed by bloggers is that the 'Note this' button appears with certain searches, but our team had it always in nearly 100 different queries, as, for example vacation, politics, science, service, however and so on. One could actually 'note' the 'click here' query.

Here is a picture of a logged in search for the query 'vacation':

Google's 'Note this' button

And here is a picture of the same query, though in the signed-out state:

No Google's 'Note this' button

When we press the 'Note this' button, we see that Google has 'Duly noted' the query for you and it opens a small floating window in the bottom left corner of the display:

Google's query duly noted
Google noted the query
Google Notebook in the corner

As mentioned above, the Google Notebook feature was released in mid May last year and the developers said that the new function was to help people note and remember some sites and searches, which they may not have had time to research the same moment and had to delay it a bit.

The Google Notebook feature is available to everyone having a Google account. Try it out here .

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