Tuesday, 17 Jul, 2007 Technology

Google is the Most Desirable Employer


According to a survey conducted across Europe, the majority of engineering and IT students have chosen Google as their ideal place to work.

Universum, a Swedish research team polled more than 8,100 students from 100 universities across Europe since 1995 to find out their ambitions for future work place. As much as 17 percent of engineering and IT students named Google as number one work place they dream about.

The poll included 130 companies with IBM company being on the top for many years until Google was added to the list of desirable employers. Google was included in the list only in 2006 annual poll due to the fact that last-year students often mentioned the search engine as an alternative option to other companies.

The results coincided with the policy of the number one search engine, which started employing graduates in Europe last year.

The second ideal workplace was a well-known German car company Porsche, followed by Italian Ferrari on the third place. This year IMB was on the forth place and the rest top ten places were taken by such giant companies as EADS, BMW, Siemens, Audi, Sony and Nokia.

The similar survey was conducted among business students who mentioned Google on the forth place giving the priority to McKinsey management consultancy, followed by Boston Consulting company and L'Oreal beauty company.

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