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Google - Top Brand of the World


Millward Brown - a UK-based consulting firm, announced on Monday that today Google is the most popular brand in the world: even Microsoft (this year's third) was behind in ranking. The statement was based on a survey that takes into consideration the name and the image of the company rather then its size or stocks' values - "Top 100 Brandz". Last year Google was seventh, with Microsoft - first.

Taking into consideration the fact that ten years ago the word 'Google' didn’t even exist (registered in September 1997 by Larry Page and Serghey Brin), it is rather impressive of the company to beat such historically strong names as Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Marlboro and other names (yet they have already enjoyed their fame as the world's best brand), one hears everyday and very often. Yet it seems that Google has got what it deserved, taking into account that today there are few search queries done without Google's help.

Millward Brown provided also some data, which shows Google's value of $66 billion, with $37.4 billion - last year, i.e. a $28 billion increase in value per year. If this continues, one could imagine, where Google will be next year. Google's followers this year were valued at $62 billion (General Electric) and $55 billion (Microsoft), respectively. The best non-U.S. Company - China Mobile - was valued at $41.2 billion and was ranked fifth in the world rating.

The owner of ThinkHard agency and marketing expert Mark Gorman said that the rise of Google showed the digitalization of the world - the media revolution has already taken place. He added that YouTube and MySpace, and other companies, acquired by Google, will also enjoy much success with Google ahead of them.

Mr. Gorman was very surprised that Google's staff managed making the company a top brand of the world, when one cannot touch, taste or smell it, such as Coca-Cola, McDonald's or Marlboro.

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