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Google Introduces New Interface: Maori-language Search Site


Google Introduces New Interface: Maori-language Search SiteThe number one search engine, Google, has recently introduced Maori-language edition of its search engine. The company decided to launch the Google Aotearoa on Maori Language Week. The new interface was developed exclusively for those who speak the languages of New Zealand's native people.

It would be interesting to mention that Aotearoa is translated from Maori as Land of the Long White Cloud. It is also used by people living in North Island Maori as the word for New Zealand.

According to the spokeswoman from the Maori Language Commission, the team that last year worked on the development of this project included 29 people, three of them were key translators. The team was able to translate over 8750 words.

"It is a huge resource for Maori living overseas who are raising bi-lingual children or who are developing their own proficiency. It is reaching young people in something that is a big part of their world. It also allows fluent and native speakers to search for their content in Maori," the spokeswoman said.

She added that due to the similarities between the languages used by New Zealand's native people and other Pacific people, like those living on Cook Islands, the latter would also benefit from Google's new tool.

The move will be followed by another important step, i.e. to make search results available in Maori. However, the spokeswomen mentioned this move was not expected to be made for some time.

Those who wish to use Google's new interface, can pay a visit to Google New Zealand and then click to search for Maori.

Source: ZDNet Australia

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