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New York City Virtual Tour from Google to Help Plan Trips


Specialists at Google offered their help to New York City in developing an Internet Age service that allows everyone to get involved into a virtual tour through the Big Apple.

Yesterday, January 21st, 2009, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the launch of website. He also stated that the technologically-advanced information center, located on Seventh Avenue, was officially opened.

In one of the posts on Google's website, the mayor of NYC wrote that the dynamic website uses Google Maps to help people plan the time they want to spend in the city.

"So whether you are a visitor or a resident, we invite you to explore New York City from your home computer, your mobile phone - and of course, in person," he said.

Users can visit the website to learn about different events and attractions in New York City then map the route using Google software and transmit the data to cell phones for reference while on the go. The technology-packed information center includes computerized table equipped with touch-screen surfaces where people can mark favorite destinations in the city.

Computers installed in the official New York data center allow people to take a virtual tour through 3D NYC neighborhoods or street views of the places they want to visit.

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