Thursday, 15 Mar, 2007 Technology

Search Information Will Go Private


Today the main search engine for millions of people, Google, announced that the servers won't keep the information on the users' searches forever.

Until recent times, Google kept the search information linked with certain computers around the world. However from now on the system will make this information anonymous after 18 to 24 months.

According to Nicole Wong, deputy general counsel at Google, the company made this decision after numerous complaints from various Internet privacy defenders and from Google's users too.

Marc Rotenberg, executive director at Electronic Privacy Information Center, thinks that this decision would bring a disaster into Internet.

According to Mr. Rotenberg, the 24 months' period is too long; but because Google is the main search engine for the majority, other search engines could adopt this policy too and produce the same effect as Google will.

On the other hand, Ari Schwartz, deputy director at the Group Center for Democracy and Technology, was more optimistic. He said he was glad that Google finally tried to find a compromise between being the world's major information collector and, at the same time, an Internet privacy defender.

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