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Google Sees Facebook as Strong Rival in Search


The Internet giant, Google, is considering social networking websites like Facebook as its rivals in search. It turned out that a growing number of users use the Internet to find specific answers to their search questions, instead of receiving a large list of websites in response.

Besides, according to Ken Tokusei, Google Group Product Manager, more Internet users are looking for answers to more personal questions. Taking these factors into consideration, social networking websites registered an increasing number of visitors, because people receive answers to their questions from friends and acquaintances, and they show more trust to such information.

Google started providing tools for users to delete links that are not related to their search and rate the existing results. However, Tokusei says that the company has still a lot to do.

"It's a matter of determining what kind of information the user is looking for. But we will always serve some links to pages with our results," said Tokusei.

Despite the fact that Google provides a lot of tools and instruments to its users, including a mobile phone system and online word processor, 70 percent is still dedicated to search. In addition, the number one search engine continues to face a strong competition from its old rivals such as Yahoo and Microsoft that take active steps to get their market share back.

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